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Job description

Responsible for managing the service center under agreed development plans and carrying responsibility to assure the fulfilment of the objectives of the company.

• managing the service center under agreed development plans and carrying responsibility in order to assure the fulfilment of the objectives of the company;
• managing the operational and fiscal activities of the service center;
• guaranteeing the adherence of the corporate regulations within service center in all applicable fields; e.g. Mission statement, financial guidelines, code of conduct;
• creating, implementing and taking responsibility of business related documentations, processes and decisions;
• controlling productivity and profitability of the service center;
• periodic assessment, forecasting and execution of reporting;
• process modification and optimization;
• implementation of new businesses and managing general business development;
• implementation and compliance monitoring of the standards and quality indicators of rendering services to service groups;
• participation in planning of the need for the staff, necessary workforce availability in key positions and defining training needs;
• delivering communication to the staff in accordance with corporation policies and procedures;
• supervision and support of group managers in assuring successful performance of the service to the customers;
• carrying out personal development talks with direct subordinates and providing career development/rotation advice;
• contact person in the management level within and outside the company;
• representing Majorel towards customers and potential customers during site visits and beyond;
• fulfilling the tasks deriving directly from his position without being directly ordered so.

• processing of personal data, client data and employer business specific data in accordance of legal acts, and in accordance with employer´s Work Procedure Rules, IT and Data Protection and other guidelines provided by employer
• protecting personal, client and employer business related information and maintaining the confidentiality of data which has become known to him/her in the performance of their duties even after performance of their duties relating to the processing, or after termination of their employment relationship
• informing immediately the direct supervisor about possible threats and incidents impacting normal workflow and data processing
• assuring through following all policies and guidelines the appropriate use of the information and information systems and its resources
• following information security and privacy protection responsibilities written in the authorization annex
• participating in the trainings organized by the Employer, including trainings for protection and processing of data

Employer's requirements

EMPLOYEE’S QUALIFICATION REQUIREMENTS: • Very good written and verbal language skills in English; • knowledge of the operations of a service center; • business knowledge, analytical know-how and ability to read and interpret accounting and financial reports; • experience in supervising project activities, international business and commercial practice; • very good knowledge of MS Office applications; • excellent leadership, verbal communication, analytical and problem solving skills; • strong customer service focus; • ability to motivate and guide employees; • stress resistance, flexibility, mobility and high level of self-motivation; • knowledge about and network within the international Majorel organization; • very good business communication and presentation skills especially towards clients; • personal characteristics: initiative, openness, positive attitude, flexibility, speed, stress endurance, friendliness, diligence, and loyalty to the Employer.

Company description

Adecco is a leading provider of HR services. Our client, company Majorel, creates amazing customer experiences. By smartly combining people and technology they deliver true value for their partners. They serve customers across the world through their 82,000+ employees based in 44 countries in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the Americas, and Asia, in 60 languages. Marojel has more than 500 clients, many of which they’ve been working with for over 10 years.

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